DNM changed how we practice and teach

"I am better at getting them [clients] to be an active participant in their recovery, and I more grateful for the little changes that sometimes precede big changes. It's profoundly satisfying to see people I couldn't help before get better now (...)"

- Jason Erickson MT,

 Minnesota, USA 

"The greatest change has been to my teaching work. I help train new entry level massage therapists, and I am primarily tasked with helping them to understand science and critical thinking. DNM is a great framework to have in my pocket to help students understand both elements."

- Brian Rutledge MT, 

 Philidelphia, USA

"Basically, DNM provided me with a very plausible explanation and mechanism for the indirect techniques we learned and why they seem to be so effective for pain."

- Monica Noij DO, MT,       Toronto, Canada

"(...) speaking from experience as someone living with chronic pain, sharing a DNM experience with a practitioner and not having them force their will on me is absolute bliss.

The kindness is soothing, and it gives the receiver the freedom to let their bodies speak for themselves and not be confined by the limitations of therapeutic illusions of what “should” or should not” happen.

The only homework is to play with our attitudes, postures and habits so that we may become accustomed to helping ourselves."

- Victoria Matzer MT,



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